EPC Coast Run


The annual Earle Page College Coast Run fundraiser is celebrating its 40th anniversary

Since its commencement over 40 years ago, the Earle Page College Coast Run has raised half a million dollars for the Children's Medial Research Institute charity, and has become a significant part of the culture and the community at EPC, and within the wider University community.

Not to let a pandemic stand in the way, the Coast Run will go ahead in
, albeit with a few changes.

"Coast Run Goes Global" is an opportunity for students, staff, alumni, community, and EPC faithful from around the world to become involved with the 2020 Coast Run, and contibute to the College's fantastic fundraising legacy.

Participate in one of two events:

  • for those close by: a one-day run on UNE Campus - 18th September. Or,
  • for our extended family & friends: one week virtual run commencing Monday 14th September (ending the following Sunday).

The kilometres you put in, are limitless.

To join is simple:
1. Select "Join or Renew" to the right of the image above.
2. Log in or create an account which will be used for Coast Run
3. Once an account has been created, you will be able to join via a
Coast Run category
4. Fill in the information requested, which will enable us to help
track you and your progress
5. Once you pay the $5 registration fee, you will be sent an email with
the unique Strava URL and be invited to join the 2020 Coast Run