MENAT - Middle Eastern, North African & Turkish culture

The UNE club for everyone with an interest in the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey.


The UNE MENAT Club aims to learn and educate about the MENAT region. MENAT is short for the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey.

The MENAT club invites all members to suggest, organize, and participate in activities related to any aspect of MENAT, for example, its art, music, dance, language, food, architecture, history, politics, or geography.

The MENAT club plans to organize classes in Middle Eastern dance, with a focus on Raqs Sharqi (Bellydance). The classes will start in the first half of 2020 and will be held in collaboration with the Armidale Salimpour Collective; they will be held at UNE and are free for club members.

More information will follow.