Robb College JCR

Robb College JCR

Robb College Netball Association

Robb College Netball Association plays in the UNE Netball Competition. Robb has teams in all grades from A to C grade.

Robb College Rugby Club

The Rugby Club for Robb College Students

Robb College Women in Sport

Women in Sport at Robb College is comprised of the netball and hockey clubs. This is a very important aspect of college with all members being involved in women's sport weekly.

SportUNE Competitions, Events & Awards

SportUNE Competitions and Awards

SportUNE Netball Comp

Women's and Mixed Netball Competitions

St Alberts Netball Club

The St Albert's College Netball Club

St Alberts Rugby Union Football Club

Albies Rugby

The Armidale School (Football Club)

Registrations are now closed. For more information, please email

Underwater Basket Weaving

The Underwater Basket Weaving Society was first established by William of Orange in 1688 as a fundraising initiative for the Glorious Revolution. Today it exists solely to facilitate UNE Life training.

UNE Athletics Club

A New Potential club for Students interested in Athletics.

UNE Badminton Club

UNE Badminton Club

UNE Basketball

A club for basketball players at UNE

UNE Cheer & Dance

UNE Cheer & Dance

UNE Chess Club

Awaiting New Management - Welcome to the wonderful world of chess.

UNE Cinema Club

A club for people who want to enjoy movies as they were intended to be watched.