UNE Townies

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Townie, Eponym of the residents of a town
- a term commonly used in university towns to refer to residents not affiliated with the university residential system; a delightful person.

you've chosen to not live on campus in one of the University colleges. Some of you may not have 'chosen', per se', however THIS group exists to make sure you still get a great social experience, academic support and can be involved in UNE activities like SFK competition and MBPT.

It's a little harder for us to ramp up support for some of these things (we can't bang on your doors for Saturday sporting comps like you can in a college - although we haven't ruled it out) so from time to time, we may need to drop an activity.

We can promise however that we will be as involved as you like. SO, if you want to squeeze everything possible from your university experience, click the 'join' button and come on board.