UNE Performing Arts Club

The UNE Performing Arts Club is about letting everyone take part in a performance.


The UNE Performing Arts Club is a group of people from Armidale and the University of New England, who want to be a part of performance. Whether it be onstage, backstage, making set or props, or organising costumes, we'll have something for you!

The aims and objectives of the society are:

i. To provide a base group and gathering of like-minded fellows to the
purpose of celebrating, perpetuating and advertising theatre in
Armidale, and in particular the University of New England (UNE).

ii. To provide a pool of fellows to organise performances, events and informal nights to celebrate theatre.

iii. To provide a means of support, if necessary, for any theatre
productions that successfully apply for assistance.

iv. To uphold the values of the UNE Performing Arts Club as a
not-for-profit society,

v. To perpetuate the spirit of freedom of access and participation in