Vietnamese Social Club


The Vietnamese Social Club at UNE, Armidale, Australia is the formal and spontaneous organisation of the Vietnamese community, including people living, working, and studying in Armidale, Australia. The Club especially receives the support of students who have been studying at the University of New England, as well as official recognition from the University of New England.

The purpose of the Club is to link students and their partners into a solid Vietnamese organisation in order to help each other in living, working and studying. The formation of the Club plays an important role not only in promoting mutual relationships in the Vietnamese community, but also helping new students and family members study and live in Armidale.

The Club was founded as a bridge between the Vietnamese in Armidale and the University of New England, and also other local social institutions. This will assist our community to contact organizations, encourage study, work and recreation, seek opportunities to promote cultural tourism, make international friends and enhance Vietnam’s image.
The Club is also a bridge to connect people in organising ceremonies and cultural events of the nation, such as the Vietnamese Tet’s event, the National day, the International Women’s Day and the International Children’s Day.

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