GPSN aims to promote interest and provide insight into the field of General Practice

The General Practice Students Network (GPSN) is a national organisation operated by students with a goal to promote interest and provide insight into the field of General Practice. We aim to promote and develop lifelong skills and knowledge in the General Practice medical specialty by organising clinical skills sessions, social events, seminars and conferences, peer support and networking opportunities.

Through our connections with General Practice Registrars Australia (GPRA) and GP Synergy we are able to host a variety of GP-focused events throughout the year. We focus on sharing the amazing benefits of a life and career offered by general practice, while clarifying any misconceptions students may have about the specialty.

We are a highly inclusive society, so even if you don’t currently know where your path leads or even if you have no plans on becoming a GP, everyone is welcome! For students not interested in becoming a GP we offer the insight and knowledge required to work effectively alongside GPs in the future and provide opportunities to learn the skills necessary for your specialty of interest including Suturing, Dermoscopy, Fundoscopy, Otoscopy and General Examination Skills which are also highly relevant to GPs.