International Students Association

The official voice for International students at UNE


The UNE International Student Association (ISA) is the official voice for International students at UNE. The purpose and objectives of the Association are:

To promote and represent the intellectual, material, social, sporting and cultural interests of international students enrolled at the University at local, state and national level and matters related thereto;
To assist international students in adjusting to the Australian system of education;
To support and encourage international affairs and activities with the University;
To promote culture and diversity, friendship, understanding and awareness amongst international students and Australian students within the University;
To work and liaise with other like organisations;
To liaise and cooperate with appropriate bodies of the University and local community for the benefit of international students;
To advocate for and provide general social (not financial) support of affliliated international student clubs/associations/ groups;
To be a part of the general student movement at local, state and national level; and
To have representation on all relevant UNE committees.