The University of New England branch of the National Rural Health Students’ Network (NRHSN) aims to not only support students with a rural background but also foster interest in rural health equity in students from non-rural backgrounds.


We consist primarily of medical, pharmacy, psychology, biomedical, nursing and social work students who are driven to gain a deeper understanding of the health inequities in rural communities.
The National Rural Health Students Network (NRHSN) has over 9000 members from 29 health clubs around Australia. Together we form a collective voice for nursing, medical and allied health students who are passionate about improving health outcomes for rural and remote Australians.

NERCHA holds many events throughout the year open to all members. Events include speaker nights, rural high school visits, meet and greets, and charity fundraisers.

We also participate in events such as the AgQuip, Desert Harmony Festival held in Tennant Creek, National University Rural Health Conference (NURHC) and Rural Appreciation Weekend (RAW); events which provide students with a unique experiences as well as allowing students to meet like-minded students from throughout Australia.