Nucleus Student Magazine

The Nucleus is UNE's student magazine, run by students, written by students, representing students.


The Nucleus accepts submissions, day and night, at any point throughout the year - but to make it relative and unique to a certain time of year, or corresponding event, we have word themes. Below are our submission deadlines for each Issue and their individual themes:

13th December, 2016 - PRECOGNITIONS
27th January, 2017 - FOUNDATIONS
13th March, 2017 - EQUINOX
21st April, 2017 - VOYAGE
10th July, 2017 - CHECK-UP
27th August, 2017 - SPRING

As the Nucleus is a platform for you as a student to express your thoughts and feelings, we accept all kinds of submissions, and we also have "Letters to the Editors" - a way for you to publicly voice a concern that the UNE cohort (including staff) will have the opportunity to see, read and think about.

The Nucleus, although we aim to have a full Editorial Team, relies on submissions from students. We may be a small cohort but our voices can turn into shouts and cheers - remember, that if you ever feel like submitting anything, just go right ahead and submit it!

You can find out more information regarding submissions on our website, or by emailing us at


We want your feedback on how we can make the Nucleus better. It is your magazine.

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