Barefoot Bowls 12th March


Barefoot Bowls 12th March

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Barefoot Bowls hosted by the STS and Friends!

  • $5.00


We're hosting a little mingling session with another society (TBA) in the form of a Barefoot Bowls event! It's $5 a head, and held at the Armidale Bowling Club. It's all happening there on the 12th March, starting at 4:30pm. 

There is a maximum of 32 players on the green, so get in quick! Even if we run out of spaces on the green, it will also be a massive social event to get to know one another. 

There will also be a Bar Tab, with a TBD amount (NOT SSAF FUNDED). 

All updates (including possible bus to and from the Bowlo) coming soon via FB.