2019 UNE Sports Awards Nomination - Sportsperson of the Year

UNE Sportsperson of the Year Award

These awards will be made annually to nominee/s who demonstrated outstanding achievements against the respective award criteria as judged by the Blues Committee.

1. The Bill Hanlan Shield shall be presented annually at the Annual Sports Awards to the female or male student member of SportUNE who, whilst displaying good sportsmanship, has reached a higher level of achievement in sport than all other student members of SportUNE during the twelve months preceding the award and whilst enrolled at the University.

2. The President of each SportUNE Club shall be entitled to nominate one member of their Club for thebaward each year. Additionally, the SportUNE Management Committee shall be entitled to submit one nomination in respect of each sport not represented by a SportUNE affiliated club.

Nominations are to be completed through the online form. If you have any supporting documents please email: rporter9@une.edu.au. Please call 6773 1716 for any questions. 

N.B. Please email copies of information (such as certificates, newspaper clippings, letters confirming team selection etc.) which will help substantiate the nominees sporting achievements over the past twelve months.

Nominations are to be received by: 31 August, 2019. 
Late nominations may be approved by committee. 

Successful finalists will be advised of the Selection Committee’s decision are invited to the UNE Annual Sports Awards Evening where the winner will be announced.

The evening will take place on Wednesday 25th September at The 'Stro

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