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$1000 could be yours

The UNE Meat Science team currently has a great fundraising
opportunity to share with groups at UNE and in the wider Armidale


The team runs taste testing sessions as part of their research into the eating quality of beef and lamb and we can donate funds to groups who participate in these events.


• We can donate $1000 to a group of 60 people for an hour of their time to do a taste test.
• We do all the work, the group just give us an hour to taste 7 pieces of grilled lamb/ lamb roast /slow cook beef (yum!) and fill out a simple questionnaire.
• Simple, no clean up, no cost to you, fun and interesting!

This is pretty fun and very easy way to raise funds! Plus, people can know that they are also taking part in real and valuable industry research.

There are 40 sessions coming up over the next 6 months and that’s a whopping $40,000 that Meat Science able to put into the community, so pass it on to your clubs/ organisations/ charities or just pro-active people who are keen to raise funds!


  1. Register your interest and set a time and date. Taste testing events can be held at a time of day and day of the week to suit your group.
  2. Confirm 60 participants. You're asked to invite a total of 70 people as there are usually unexpected no-shows. It is critically important that we have 20 participants show up on time for each of the three sessions.
    Participants must:
    • Be between 18 - 75 years old
    • Be regular consumers of beef/lamb (ie at least once a fortnight)
    • Willing to eat beef/lamb cooked medium-rare to medium-well done
  3. Confirm venue. The taste testing sessions are usually held at UNE, but it is possible to bring the event to your venue, if there is a suitable food preparation area and reliable 3 Phase power.
  4. Have fun! On the day, we'll set everything up and guide your group members through the process.
    It’s that simple 😊

To register your interest please contact Clare Mathiasen
P: 0459140825
E: clare.mathiasen@gmail.com

Future fundraisers?
A person can only participate once every 6months, however this means your organisation / group can do this with the same people every 6 months! Or with new groups members, you can do it even more often and raise even more funds.