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Why Get Involved?

'It looks good on the resume!'. It's a fairly naff line, but we've all heard it. Often it can be hard to see why being the Secretary of the UNE Gaming Society would look good on your CV - but it does more than you know. Underneath those layers of fun and weekly laughs lie a number of skills which you'll need to be an Executive or any other Office Bearer of a club. 

Whether you're new to University or a seasoned student, don't take for granted the additional skills that you can learn whilst here. At the end of the day when you step off that stage on Booloominbah Lawns and throw your tassle to one side, will you have soaked up all the possible knowledge and skills that are on offer?

In the Student Experience office when we talk about building skills, we're referring to two specific groups of skills that can be gold for you and your career:


These are also know as 'soft skills' and although they relate to personal traits, they're not a given and they can be improved. Enterprise skills could range from communication, resillience, adaptability, negotation, advocacy, teamwork & collaboration, conflict resolution, problem solving - all of these and more can go a long way to bolster your resume and your job performance when you leave UNE. 


If you're a treasurer of a UNE Club and can't work your way around Excel then we've probably missed the mark in terms of what we want to be delivering. You'll find that in the UNE Clubs program there are expectations placed on the club to provide reporting and other key information. Membership registers and annual affiliations are simple enough however clubs should be prepared to hold regular meetings, minute them accurately, provide a statement of your cashbook - all of which are skills that are 'technical' and relevent to the position. 

When you meet with UNE's Career Development team, you should be able to rattle off some of the above skills as demonstrated by your time involved with the UNE Clubs Program and it should genuinely give you a solid base on how to navigate your way into the workforce. 


You can find information on everything to do with running a club, from regulations and finance, to SSAF applications here
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