Club Constitution

Kirsty Jeffery


UNE Scuba & Snorkelling Club Constitution

Name of Club

1 The club shall be named the UNE Scuba & Snorkelling Club (“the Club”)

Operation, scope and amendment of Constitution

2 This Constitution shall begin operation if there is a majority in favour of its operation at a General Meeting. This Constitution shall be binding on the club upon its operation. This Constitution may be amended at a General Meeting provided that the majority is in favour of the proposed amendment. Sport UNE shall be notified of any amendments to this Constitution.


3 “General Meeting” includes the Annual General Meeting
4 “Majority” means 50 per cent of voting members plus one
5 “Member” includes a person of the executive, general members or affiliate members.
6 “The Club” includes all members but excludes agents and persons under the employ of the Club who are not members
7 “Voting Member” includes all paid members with voting rights, excluding members who are allowed to vote but have abstained from doing so.

Fundamental Purpose of the Club

8 The aim of The Club shall be to encourage, develop and promote scuba diving, snorkelling and other associated activities within UNE. In particular:
(i) Improve the standard of Scuba Diving and associated activities within the University.
(ii) Arrange regular expeditions for club members.


9 Membership is available to all individuals interested in scuba diving, snorkelling and associated activities. This may include staff and students of UNE as well as members of Armidale’s wider community.
10 Members shall be allowed to cast one vote for every decision where a vote is needed or has been proposed by the Executive.
11 The Club may levy fees on members. The amount of such membership fees shall not be excessive.
12 Membership fees shall be determined from time to time by a General Meeting and shall be payable before 30th March of each year.
13 Membership applications may be lodged after the above stated date, however a member cannot attend any external expeditions with the club until the membership fee is paid.
14 All membership applications are subject to approval by the Executive.

General Meetings

15 The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting during term time, at a time and place to be decided by the Executive.
16 The Executive shall call a General Meeting, including the Annual General Meeting, by contacting members, by email and other appropriate mediums, at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting providing:
(i) the time, date and place of the meeting; and
(ii) the business to be discussed.
17 The Annual General Meeting shall be held no later than 1 September in each year and the Executive shall present an Annual Report and a Financial Statement, to be forwarded to Sport UNE within 21 days of the Annual General Meeting.
18 The quorum of a general meeting shall be the majority of paid members.
19 Should quorum not be present 30 minutes after the appointed time for a General Meeting the meeting shall be adjourned and the present members may elect a convenient time, place and date to hold the adjourned meeting.
20 Matters put to a vote at a General Meeting shall be decided in favour by the majority of voting members.
21 Any member who is not in attendance is assumed to have abstained from voting, unless votes have been provided to the Secretary no later than 48 hours before the meeting.

Special General Meetings

22 Special General Meetings of the Club may be held at any time, either at the discretion of the Executive, or by request,
23 A request for a Special General Meeting must state the nature of the business to be discussed, signed by at least 5 members and is received by the Secretary at least 14 days before the date of the proposed meeting.

The Committee

24 The conduct of the affairs of The Club shall be vested in a Executive.
25 The Committee shall have power to do all things as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the aims of the Club, as stated in this Constitution, and shall have power to make regulations to that end.
26 Any regulations made that are repugnant with this Constitution shall, to the extend of such repugnancy, be void and of no effect.

27 The Executive shall consist of:
(i) President
(ii) Vice President
(iii) Secretary
(iv) Treasurer
(v) Expedition Co-ordinator
(vi) Publicity Officer
(vii) Gear Officer(s)
28 A member of the Executive may jointly hold two (2) positions if the Executive deems it appropriate and an acceptable combination of positions.
29 The Executive shall be held at least once a calendar term
30 4 members of the Executive shall constitute a quorum and must include the President.
31 Any member that holds a two (2) positions may only count as one individual with regards to quorum.
32 The Executive shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Members shall serve a one-year term, but may stand for re-election if they wish.
33 If an executive member departs early, a general meeting shall be called to elect a new member. Except in the departure of the President, the Vice President will take on the role of President.
34 Disagreements relating to the management and control of the Club shall be resolved by a meeting of the Executive.


35 No member shall incur any expenditure on behalf of the Club without Executive approval.
36 The Executive shall ensure that proper records are kept of all receipts and payments made by, or on behalf of, the Club.


37 The Club may be dissolved by:
(i) a resolution of a General Meeting: or
(ii) a resolution of the University by virtue of the Club’s continued inactivity for a period in excess of 12 months.
38 Upon dissolution all property of the Club shall be donated to a charity to be chosen by the Executive.


39 Conduct by a member that is either intentionally injurious or negligent towards the club or a member of the club, including but not limited to:
(i) Falsely representing the Club;
(ii) Malicious or offensive conduct towards another member;
(iii) using a logo, mark or the name of the Club without consent of
the Executive;
(iv) Fraudulent conduct; or
(v) Contravening this Constitution
Shall result in a meeting of the Executive being called with regard to the offending member.
40 Considering the circumstances surrounding the grievance, the Executive may choose to suspend or cancel the membership.
41 Misconduct by a member of the Executive shall result in cancellation of their membership.