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  • UNE CLUB AFFILIATION - to become a recognised UNE Tier 1 club, complete this form and acknowledge the UNE Club Regulations, then return it to 
  • CLUB GOVERNANCE GUIDE - a basic overview of everything you need to know to run a club, from leadership skills to project management to the committee process. If you're in a club leadership position you need to read this, you'll thank yourself later.
  • TREASURER'S GUIDE - generally, the role of Treasurer is one of the most important roles in any club. Hit the link and make sure you're across everything you need to know.
  • CASHBOOK TEMPLATE - Treasurers, download it. Become best friends and visit it often. 
  • GUIDELINES AND TIPS FOR FUNDING - applying for SSAF funding? Make sure you're across exactly what the SSAF is and how you should be spending it


There are certain responsibilities of any student who wishes to run an event at UNE. Below are links to the common forms required, and information to help make the process as simple as possible. 
If you're unsure about anything please contact UNE Life, Student Experience at: PH +61 2 6773 5186


Trimester 2, 2018

funding round closes April 17

Trimester 3, 2018

funding round closes September 1

Trimester 1, 2019

funding round closes January 4

for enquiries in the interim or urgent funding request, please contact 
SSAF-LogoThere are three funding rounds in 2018, however clubs should consider applying for any funds they may need early in 2019 (for orientation events, specifically) in the Trimester 3 round, to ensure that there is no delay. When applying for funding, consider item 6 in the UNE Club Regulations that relate to funding and are listed below.
The Terms of Reference for the SSAF Clubs & Societies Subcommittee can be found here.
[update - July 2018: these TOR are currently under review to reflect the cessation of the UNE Student Association]


  • Where a Club or Society bank account is not managed by SportUNE, Clubs and Societies must be able to provide statements of financial position and reconciliation of accounts, upon request.
  • To apply for funding through the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF), Clubs must be a recognised Tier 1 or Tier 2 Club.
  • SSAF funding will be distributed through the Clubs and Societies committee acting as the SSAF Clubs and Societies Sub-Committee.
  • Funding will not be used for the following purposes;
    • Purchase of alcohol or other drugs
    • Endorsement of a political POV or campaign
    • Items that are ‘personal’ in nature and not transferrable to other members or, the Club or Society generally.
    • Food or other consumables that only directly benefit individuals (ie. Small food items for study sessions).
  • The financial position of the Club or Society, as well as their capacity to raise funds independently, will be a determining factor for all funding considerations.
  • Clubs and Societies who have received funding are required to submit an Acquittal and Evaluation Form no more than 14 days after the completion of the activity for which funding was granted. Forms must include
    • Receipts for all associated purchases
    • Cashbook details of expenditure and income
    • Details of any SSAF allocated funds not spent and deposit information for return of unused funds.
  • Failure to provide an Acquittal and Evaluation Form will preclude a Club or Society from future funding opportunities.


The below caps are decided by each subcommittee in order to guide equitable and effective spending within the yearly budget. As such they are subject to change and are not binding upon the subcommittee; in cases of notable merit the subcommittee may choose not to restrict an application to the approprate cap. Likewise they may decide to fund less than the cap stated. These caps are included here for the sole purpose of guiding expectations. 
  • Travel Costs
    • Travel costs for club members shall be funded for up to 50% of the expense, per Club or Society, per year.
  • Speakers’ Fees
    • Funding may be sought to reimburse the costs associated with professional speakers’ fees and their related expenses
    • Speakers’ fees shall be funded up to a cap of $1000 per year or at 50% of the expense.
  • Merchandise
    • Promotional merchandise which is intended for free distribution shall be funded up to a cap of $500, per Club or Society, per year
    • Merchandise intended for sale, and subsequent revenue raising, shall be funded up to a cap of $1000, per Club or Society, per year
  • Balls
    • 'Ball' type events shall be funded up to a cap of $500 per event.


  1. Read the Guidelines for Funding, take particular note of the SSAF Funding Categories. 
  2. Complete the "UNE Clubs and Societies SSAF Funding Application" available HERE. We prefer that you type this into the PDF and electronically sign where possible.
  3. Upload the application below, along with any supporting documentation. You will need to list a few details once more to enable you to submit.