UNE Zoology Society

A society and network for UNE students studying or interested in Zoological Sciences.


2022 is an exciting year for the UNE Zoology Society, as it enters its fourth year as an official club. During our first year we managed to provide students with a great community to expand upon their zoological experience at UNE, including an incredible trip to the Blue Mountains during the Trimester 2 study period.

Our collective goals are to create a space for our members where they can meet and collaborate with other students that share their interests and experiences. We believe that having this space and community is vital to the university experience and is something that will help people when they reach a difficulty in their studies. Building this network will give students a great resource that will see them make friends with common interests, as well as benefit their studies through the combined knowledge of the community.

Moving forward into the New Year there are many things we want to achieve within the society and provide for our members. We have an excellent new executive team that is procuring some great new ideas and activities that will provide students whom are interested in the Zoology/Animal Science field of study a supportive and exciting community, and a place that will enrich their experience at UNE. Additionally, we have many key academics whom are heavily involved with the society that also play a heavy role in your degree, of which several, if not all provide honours projects for students, upon completion of their degrees. Building a good repertoire with our academics is crucial to furthering your academic progress at UNE, especially if you intend on studying beyond your undergraduate degree. This community is something we would like to maintain and evolve for many years to come.

As well as the academic involvement we run many social events for our members.


UNE Natural History Museum

Afternoon of cataloguing specimens and other museum work followed up my movies.

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