Armidale Students Promoting International Rights & Equality
UNE's Global Health Group

ASPIRE is UNE’s Australian Medical Student Association (AMSA) Global Health Group. There is an AMSA global health group in every medical school in Australia. All groups are networked through AMSA and are able to create policies and instigate change on a local and national level.

ASPIRE was founded in 2010 by a few dedicated students and has grown substantially in the years since. Each year we present to the local community several opportunities for education and skills that relate to global health.

Our primary goals are to educate UNE students and the wider community about global health issues and the positive steps that they can take to promote global health equity. Through our fundraising events in 2015 we raised money for the Barbara May Foundation, as well as for The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Malaria and TB.

We hope we can continue to increase our fundraising capacity and reach a more diverse audience.